Papercut 2 Super Mario Bros Movie Homage Scene

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    Papercut 2 Super Mario Bros Movie Homage Scene

    Papercut 2, an original story about two young lovers while paying homage to and parodying pop culture, video games, and 80's movies.

    Made by fans, for fans.

    Directed By: Bryan Sanders

    Written By: Bryan Sanders, AnDrew Terry

    Executive Producers: Bryan Sanders, Eric Sanders

    Edited By: Bryan Sanders

    Papercut Theme By: Trey Naron

    Music By: Chris Lott

    Bryan Sanders
    Sarah Pyles
    Frederick Solano
    Danielle Baselice
    Jordan Farley
    Kayla Gill
    Benjamin Wood
    Tom Sullivan
    Laura Kirkpatrick
    Jayme Phillips
    Milton Knight
    Mojo Nixon
    Jesse Sosa
    Ian McIntosh
    Matt Forbeck
    Jon st.


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