Great GM: How to build (Quality, Easy and Cheap) dnd miniatures Papercraft Dungeon - Game Master Tip

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    So today we are chatting with our friend Kevin Berry from Paper Craft Dungeon who makes cheap, quality and easy to assemble paper miniatures for your rpg games, he focuses on dnd and fantasy figurines but they can be used for various roleplaying systems.

    This is not a sponsored video, we just wanted to share some info on how to build your own paper miniatures using someone we know and could get to film with :) Also he has done us a huge favour and has made the miniatures of our Bacon Battalion minis for our Patreon page which you can find out some more info below.

    If you are keen to get your own Papercraft Dungeon Minis go here:

    For his free miniatures here is his Facebook page:

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