Origami Changing Faces Heart Cube - Print at Home

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to fold an origami Valentine's Day changing faces heart cube using my FREE printable origami paper.

    A fun decoration for Valentine's Day!
    My Website: http://www.heatherlynneshida.com/hptorigami/
    Origami: Hinged Box with Balloon
    Designed By: Heather Lynne Shida
    Origami Style: Pure (1 sheet of paper - no scissors, no glue)
    Made By: Heather
    Paper Designed By: Heather Lynne Shida
    Don't have origami paper? Want a fun way to make cool designs for your origami? Visit my website to get access to designs for folding your own origami changing faces heart cube for Valentine's Day.

    All designs are in PDF format for easy printing and are absolutely FREE!
    Check out my website to see the latest designs!
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    More Origami on My Channel: http://bit.ly/RTOjJT

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