Easy Chinese Paper Cutting (喜喜)Double Happiness 简单手工剪纸 "双喜" 簡単切り紙 "喜喜"です

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    Chinese New Year is coming soon, watch this video to learn how to make Chinese Paper Cutting (喜喜)Double Happiness !

    The art of paper-cutting (jiǎnzhǐ 剪纸) in China may date back to the second century C.E., since paper was invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China.

    As paper became more affordable, paper-cutting became one of the most important types of Chinese folk art.

    Later, this art form spread to other parts of the world, with different regions adopting their own cultural styles.

    Because the cut-outs are often used to decorate doors and windows, they are sometimes referred to as chuāng huā (窗花), window flowers or window paper-cuts.

    People glued the papercuts to the exterior of windows, so the light from the inside would shine through the negative space of the cutout.[1] Usually, the artworks are made of red paper, as red is associated with festivities and happiness in Chinese culture, but other colours were also used.

    Normally paper-cutting artwork is used on festivals like Spring Festival, weddings and childbirth.

    Papercuts always symbolizes luck and happiness.
    民间剪纸至今依然保存了丰富的支脉,许多地方逢年过节,婚丧嫁娶,乡民都会自备剪纸点缀墙壁、门窗、房柱、镜子等处,以表祈祷福寿,吉祥如意之意。全国各地都 能见到剪纸,甚至形成了不同地方风格流派,比较著名的就有高密剪纸、佛山剪纸等等。总体而论,北方剪纸粗犷豪放、淳朴简练,南方剪纸则更倾于秀雅繁茂、精致和美。 其中不乏群众耳闻乐见的题材,像八仙过海、百年好合、麒麟送子、老鼠嫁女等等。
    剪紙(せんし、jiǎnzhǐ ジエン・ジー)は、中国の伝統的な民間芸術の切り絵細工である。黄河流域を代表例として、中国各地で作られており、地方により作風や題材、作り方、使われ方が異なるが、一般的には、花や動物、日常風景や生活習慣、物語などの図案を紙にハサミで切ったものが剪紙と呼ばれる。これに対し、小刀で切り出される切り紙細工を、特に「刻紙 (クヮ・ジー)と呼ぶが、こちらは職人が商品として発展させてきたものである[3]。

    00:05 DIY 剪纸 Part 1
    02:10 DIY 剪纸 Done

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