Papercraft Origami Star Wars Chewbacca Paperfolding Assembly Tutorial: Doc & E.L., Rocky, Rilakumma

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    Not only did we fold the Darth Vader Papercraft Figure, but also show you the Star Wars 12 inch Stormtrooper we completed in this video:

    BUT, today was all about HAn Solo's best buddy, Chewbacca.

    The one and only Corss Bow slinging Wookie that routinely saves Han's booty from sure fire death on many occeassions! Doc and E.L.

    did justice to Chewbacca by assembling the very last in the Jazwares series of Star Wars Blueprints Papercraft Toys.

    It was worth to wait and we are happy to add this finalized Paperfolding piece to our Darth Vader and Stormtropper collection.

    We actually purchased these over a year ago at Barnes and Noble Bookstore so they may not be stocked there anymore.

    At any rate, if you are into Origami, these are a pretty good primer to getting started as they are not super difficult.

    However, are detailed, well colored and large enough to impress most any Star Wars or Papercraft fan.

    If you enjoyed this Video with Rocky and her recent Rilakkuma Plushie Toy Win helping out the Boys, be sure to give the Video a LIKE and watch the other 2 Star Wars Origamis we assembled in links above.

    Disney Star Wars Chewbacca Papercraft Blueprints (Jazwares)

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