Red Rose Origami | Very Easy Origami Rose Tutorial...Anyone can make...

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    Red Rose Origami
    Easy Red Rose Origami | Let's make this beautiful Origami Red Rose...Anyone Can Make

    0:07 Cutting the 3 pieces
    1:36 Starting to make the rose shape
    11:13 How to make Green Leaf
    15:18 How to make Green Brance
    17:39 Joining and the Final Product

    What do we need:
    2 Color paper, Red & Green and Glue

    For Red Rose:
    Need 3 pieces with 2cm wide
    For Green Leaf
    Green Paper Size: 4cm X 4cm

    For Green Branch
    Paper size: 4cm X 16cm

    To create something new is great and fun.
    You can easily make this beautiful "Red Rose" so easily ever after watching the video just once.
    It's too easy to make plus the materials are pretty much available so let's make a red rose and learn something fun and new.

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