Bleach - Papercut Reanimation 1080p FULL HD

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Paper Cutting Video Tutorials

    Ascendingstudios proposed a BB last night, I got to pick the song (this one) and the deadline was to sunday..

    First amv on youtube with 1080p quality?!? :D

    Edit: Sorry to all my subscribers for putting up with me uploading this like 3 times, I just had to add a lil bit to the beta for the story to become clearer.

    The amount of effects in this one makes me nothing short of an effect whore.

    Reminder : While the Music belongs to Linkin Park and the Anime to Tite Kubo/ Tv Tokyo
    I dont want to see some random guy uploading my work (the editing) and claiming it to be his.

    like this guy : - He downloads peoples amv uploads them, adds his name in the beginning.

  • bleachpapercutreanimation1080pfullhd