Easy Origami Rooster Instructions

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    Learn how to make easy origami rooster instructions.
    If you like to play with origami birds you can make origami rooster to your origami toys collections.

    The zodiac sign of 2017 is Chicken or Rooster.

    According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2017 is the Female Fire Chicken

    What do you need:
    - square paper (in this tutorial i use paper with size 21cm x 21cm)

    Duration: 5 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy

    How to write an origami rooster in other languages:
    Arabic: الديك أوريغامي
    Bulgarian: Оригами петел
    Catalan: Gall d'origami
    Chinese Simplified: 折纸公鸡
    Chinese Traditional: 折紙公雞
    Czech: Origami kohout
    Danish: Origami hane
    Dutch: Origami haan
    Estonian: Origami kukk
    Finnish: Origami kukko
    French: Origami coq
    German: Origami-Hahn
    Greek: Origami κόκορας
    Haitian Creole: Origami kòk
    Hebrew: אוריגמי רוסטר
    Hindi: Origami मुर्गा
    Hmong Daw: Tus lau qaib origami
    Hungarian: Origami-kakas
    Indonesian: Origami ayam
    Italian: Origami gallo
    Japanese: 折り紙のオンドリ
    Korean: 종이 접기 수 탉
    Latvian: Origami gailis
    Lithuanian: Origami Gaidys
    Malay: Membela ayam jantan origami
    Norwegian: Origami hane
    Persian: اریگامی خروس
    Polish: Origami kogut
    Portuguese: Origami galo
    Romanian: Origami cocoş
    Russian: Оригами петух
    Slovak: Origami kohút
    Slovenian: Origami petelin
    Spanish: Gallo de origami
    Thai: ระกาพับ
    Turkish: Origami horoz
    Ukrainian: Орігамі півень
    Urdu: Origami مرغا
    Vietnamese: Con gà trống Origami

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