How to Make Paper Quilling Colorful Roses at Home | Hindi | Indian Tech Support

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    How to Make Paper Quilling Roses at Home | Hindi | Indian Tech Support
    Friends today we will make these beautiful rose flowers using this circular chart paper.

    You can make these flowers to beautify your house or else gift them to friends.

    You will need a red circle of paper 12-cm diameter, green paper for the leaf, glue and a straw.

    First cut the circular paper into a spiral.

    You can first draw the pattern on the paper and then cut it.

    Don’t cut the paper completely but leave a little space for the base.

    Then start quilling the paper from the outer end.

    In quilling you keep rolling the paper over itself.

    Roll the paper tightly over itself.

    Finally paste the quilled portion over the base.

    Press it gently from the top so that the petals remain intact.

    Decorate the centre with a Styrofoam ball.

    For making the leaf, double the paper and cut a half leaf.

    Stick the leaf on a straw and then stick the flower on the tip of the straw.

    This way you will make a beautiful rose flower.

    You can make a bunch of flowers and tie them to make a bouquet.

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