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    One of the samples how to decorate gift box for Valentine's Day, Birthday or decorate your room etc...

    Ideas Making a Beautiful Quilled Heart Box for your loved one.

    Apart from being a fun paper craft art,

    It is a craft that demands a lot of patience.

    The art of quilling and the pretty and colourful quilling gifts look beautiful when they are a handmade craft.
    I hope you like my design.

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    Steps Making Paper Quilling VALENTINES / HEARTS:


    Make many tight coils with white paper strips and secure them with glue.

    I needed 55 for making this heart.

    Cut heart shapes out of cardboard.

    Size depends on how big yours is.

    Place your paper coils around that shape to form a heart and Glue all the coils together.

    Also make double loose coils that look like an "S".


    Make many different coil shapes like this loose coil.

    Make other 12 tight coils with white paper strips.

    Glue 3 together placing them one above the other and do the same with the others.

    Make many other different loose coils to fill the sides of your heart box.

    Things you need:


    Slotted Quilling Tool

    2 Colors Paper Quilling Strips

    White Glue


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