High speed Quilling machine and storage box with voltage display from scrap for 1$/€

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Quilling Video Tutorials

    I wanted to speed up the quilling and needed a storage box for the other tools and supplies.

    So I came up with this idea.

    It works great and just from salvaged parts from toys and an old box.

    Only the voltage display I bought for around €1.

    This display to have an idea of the rotation speed of the dc motor.

    I use the power supply to adjust the rotation speed of the dc motor.

    Watch the magic at the 03:11 mark.

    This is really a time saver and reduces the risk of RSI ;)

    Parts used:

    - DC motor from broken game controller
    - switch from a broken toy
    - Salvaged electrical wire
    - DC voltage meter
    - Cable connectors
    - Old box

    Tools used:

    - Cordless Drill with wood boring drills
    - soldering iron and solder
    - hobby knife
    - hot glue
    - wire cuttter
    - Dremel

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