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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    [Simple] How to fold Pop-Up 14-Point Stars that when placed up against each other...

    TURN AS GEARS! In this tutorial I show how to fold Paul Jackson's Rosette and then how to transform it into a 14-point star gear that actually works! It will spin on the table as I show or if you want to get fancy, you could try nailing them to a piece of wood (by piercing their centers) so that they don't drift apart.

    What's doubly cool is that this model collapses flat so you can take it with you anywhere and simply open it to show it or give it as a gift.

    The Rosette is best folded from a 2 X 1 rectangle, whereas the gear is best folded from a 3X7 rectangle or from a sheet of printer paper cut in half the long way.

    Experiment with folding it using different sizes of papers and with different numbers of pleats and perhaps your experiments can lead to a full-blown science fair project...

    or at least some nods of approval from your math/science teacher and some fist bumps from your friends.

    Paul Jackson designed the Rosette and star variation in the late 1970's.

    I discovered that the star variation could be used as a gear.

    To learn more about Paul Jackson's origami, check out his facebook page:

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