"Resolutions" - Kanye west x tory lanez type beat 2017 | Prod. Origami

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    Mixtape contest rules :
    Im Producing my first Papersquad mixtape and want you to be part of it.
    As a thank you for 5k subs i decided to choose 5 to 10 people to be on my debut mixtape which i will put on itunes spotify and origami radio (new channel) .

    Everyone who participates will get a free wav lease for the beat of his participation so you can use the song you made even if it didnt make it onto the tape :).
    Here is how you can participate:

    Visit my instagram and dl The Untagged Beat in my bio :

    Record a song over the beat and get it mixed.

    Upload your song to soundcloud or instagram and send me the link to this email :
    5.I Will pick the 5 winners and you will get a message if you made it onto the mixtape.
    I might take multiple verses if alot of people send dope songs and put them on the same song so its like a surprise collaboration.

    If you didnt win, dont be sad, you will get to keep the song you made to the beat and are allowed to use my beat on your own mixtape :)

    So visit my instagram now and download this jedi Beat :) !


    Record a Instagram video of you Freestyling your song to this beat
    2 upload it to your instagram using the hashtag #Origamipapersquad
    And tag me (@origamibeats)
    Winner can choose one beat from my store and gets a free trackout lease (worth 90 USD) plus will be featured on my youtube and instagram
    2nd and 3rd Place get a surprise gift :).

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    "Resolutions" - Kanye west x tory lanez type beat 2017 | Prod.


    With this beat i wanted to created a Dope kanye west trap type beat.

    Like a beat that you can turn up to and still do the tory lanez type beat singing.

    I wanted to make a beat that is standing out from normal kanye x tory lanez type beats that has a different vibe to it .

    I think this kanye west type instrumental is going to be dope for 2017 i still love kanye and his production influenced me and his personality inspires me so much.

    Tell me what you think about this beat in the comments and stay wavy.
    One love
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    This beat was produced, mixed & mastered by Origami

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    Enjoy the beat and subscribe!

  • "resolutions"kanyewesttorylaneztypebeat2017|prodorigami