How to Make an Origami (Moneygami) Crane with a One Dollar Bill

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    I love the old legend of one thousand cranes.

    They say if you make a thousand origami cranes that a wish of yours will come true.

    For a bit of a twist on this story why not try making one thousand moneygami cranes?

    More on the Legend

    Thousand origami cranes (千羽鶴 Senbazuru?) is a group of one thousand origami paper cranes (鶴 tsuru) held together by strings.

    An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.

    This makes them popular gifts for special friends and family.

    The crane in Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures (others include the dragon and the tortoise), and is said to live for a thousand years.
    A thousand paper cranes are traditionally given as a wedding gift by the father, who is wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple.

    They can also be gifted to a new baby for long life and good luck.

    Hanging a Senbazuru in one's home is thought to be a powerfully lucky and benevolent charm.

    SOURCE: Wikipedia - Thousand origami cranes - 3/24/12

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