Origami Rose Instructions

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    How to make origami rose Instructions (Video tutorial)
    For the paper rose with use square piece of paper with size : 21cm X 21cm or 8.267inches X 8.267inches

    This beautiful paper or napkin rose is exactly what you need, if you are thinking of giving an elegant and thoughtful gift to your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's day, for her birthday, or practically for any date.

    Be sure that she will appreciate and cherish it.
    The rose has always been a symbol of romantic love and beauty, especially the red rose.

    Of course, this beautiful origami will make a perfect present for your mother, a colleague, a friend or any other lady you would like to show your respect and appreciation to.
    This origami will be an excellent accessory to your wedding interior decoration, the reception, for anniversaries and jubilees, as well as for corporate events.

    Find out origami rose in different languages:
    Bulgarian - оригами роза
    Macedonian - оригами се зголеми
    Estonian- origami roos
    German - origami rose
    Dutch- origami roos
    Danish - origami steg
    Portuguese - origami rosa
    Romanian - origami trandafir
    Russian - оригами роза
    Slovak - origami rose
    Turkish - origami gül
    Hungarian - origami rózsa
    Finnish - origami ruusu
    Polish - origami wzrosła
    French- Origami Rose
    Spanish - Origami Rose
    Swedish- origami ros
    Japanese- 折り紙のバラ
    Italian- origami rosa
    Korean - 종이 접기 장미
    Belarusian - арыгамі ружа
    Latvian- origami rose
    Greek - origami τριαντάφυλλο

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