"Papercut Rain" by Skylark Hatee

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Paper Cutting Video Tutorials

    Papercut Rain:

    The streets feel everything...
    And the pavement is poised
    To receive the testimony
    The daily symphony
    Of soles that trample
    Upon it in their varying
    Highs and lows

    And so your love leads me
    To the ever winding
    Streets of desolation
    That echo the thunder
    Of your silence and
    Leave me stranded
    In this downpour of
    Our undoing as your
    Biting indifference
    Gathers in pools
    And seeps under
    my skin

    For I am standing here
    As the raindrops chew
    Into my flesh screaming
    Like a paper cut

    … papercut rain

    © 2016 Skylark Hatee

    * please note that poetry and video is copyright protected

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