Origami Fireworks - Magic Morphing Toy - How to Fold Paper Flower Fireworks

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    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make DIY Origami Fireworks, which is a magic morphing action model paper toy.

    It kind of blooms like a paper flower does.

    This is one of the coolest paper crafts I've ever seen.

    Designer: Yami Yamauchi.

    I'd recommend being very precise with the folds on these origami fireworks, otherwise you'll have a hard time assembling it.

    In the video, I used origami paper that was 3" x 3." A larger size origami paper (like 4" x 4") might be easier to assemble, especially if you're a beginner.

    Note that if you wanted the entire origami firework to be colored, you would have to use double-sided colored paper.

    Also, I'll probably glue it before giving it to a kid, even though glue isn't necessary.

    Some glitter might be nice, too, with a coat of sealer so that the glitter doesn't get all the over the place.


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