How to make a Christmas Bell Paper - Origami Christmas Decoration

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    How to make a Christmas Bell Paper - Origami Christmas Decoration.

    Christmas - the feast dolzhgozhdanny.

    It's nice to cook different gifts and decorations.

    In this video, you will learn how to make origami bell.

    Christmas would be nice, if you make a few of these bells and hung on a thread.

    For the production of crafts, you will need a square of any size.

    The bigger the square, the more the bell.

    Fold the paper, as shown in the video.

    Happy viewing and excellent mood.

    Application of crafts:
    - The festive decoration;
    - Gift;
    - Collection of origami;

    Christmas bell made of paper, for the production of crafts instructions:

    Take a square of any size and color.

    Fold as shown in the video.

    2 paper side must have the token and two side 1/3 - 1/2.

    Make a mark with a pencil on paper ..

    Fold the paper along the intended points.

    The intersection of the center of the paper make a horizontal fold (lift up the bottom corner).

    Make the fold "mountain" and bend the lower part of the back, as shown in the video.

    Fold the corner down to 1/3.

    Make 2 skadki as showily video.

    Form the upper and lower parts of the craft.

    Christmas bell ready.

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