Paper Quilling Earring (Jhumka ) VarnishingTutorial ! How to varnish the Jhumka

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    In regards to sealing (varnishing) and protecting jewelry, I tend to think of what is needed to protect the jewelry from wear and tear.

    Depending on the kind of coils you use in your quilling will make a big difference in the kind of finish you apply so that your coils retain their shape.

    If you used coils made using a quilling needle, you will need to be very careful to use something that will not cause your coils to release and ruin your project.

    In this case I use a spray product put out by KRYLON called UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating.

    By applying several very lightly applied coats, you are not adding a whole lot of moisture at once to your coils.

    As each coat dries (and acrylic dries very quickly), it adds strength and somewhat of a sheen to your project.

    By the way, you need to make sure that all of your project is sprayed and sealed in order to protect the jewelry from soil, humidity while being worn.

    I especially like this spray because of its built-in UV Resistance to help keep your colors true.

    If you have used the technique of husking or alternate looping, you have the choice of using the spray above or there is another product that I like to use, especially on projects that will be handled a great deal, and that is Delta Ceramcoat Varnish.

    It comes in a Gloss or Satin finish and is applied with brush.

    This product in the gloss formula adds a very high shine to your project but also adds a very durable tough finish giving it strength since it is made of polyurethane.

    It is recommended, however, that you give your project a once over light coat of the Krylon spray above to seal the paper colors, before applying the the Delta Ceramcoat Varnish because it can cause some of the darker colors to run slightly.

    This usually happens though, when too much of the varnish has been applied all at once and allowed to run (the consistency of this varnish is very thin).

    This varnish dries to the touch in 10 minutes, but I would recommend that you let it dry overnight to allow it to reach the optimum tough finish you want your project to have.

    The feel of your piece is strong and very smooth.

    Another product that I have experimented with is: Modge Podge (which is also applied with brush but is thicker in substance than the Delta Ceramcoat Varnish), but it can leave brush strokes if not applied smoothly.

    It seals well and protects from moisture or humidity, dries to a glossy finish, but your piece will remain flexible and could tear.

    It gives your piece a "plastic" feel which I don't really care for.

    Some people don't care for the varnish look (the shine, etc.) and this is all a personal thing.

    I like to know that my 3D pieces which are going to be handled are protected and will retain their beauty long after they are made.

    I like the look of natural quilling, too, but when I consider the time it took for me to create the piece, I want to know that it will last.
    Learn Paper Quilling Jhumki Ear rings.

    This is very basic model but looks excellent.

    In this video I have shown basics of how to make paper jhumki.

    You can choose any colour or any beads.

    Based on your creativity you can make wonderful designs.
    I am uploading my own creative paper jewellery ear rings design.
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