3# Origami Techniques (Arif Khan)

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    Tutorial I made from start to finish, on how to create 3 different techniques applied on one single Origami front bodice.

    The video starts of by creating the toile bodice and then applying the seams were the origami will be placed.
    You will see the changes made were the patten is made and applied onto fabric for construction.
    Im inspired by the TR effect and interpreting the technique into my own style.


    This pattern was created by separating the centre (diamond shaped) origami from the flat front bodice.


    This pattern was not changed but was applied by use two different fabric colours to give that optical look.


    Was one of my best! I basically created the centre black strip by cutting away from the rest of the origami pattern and applying seams so that they will stitch together in one single pattern.

    This bodice gives that real optical illusion effect.

    ∗TIP∗ Start of drawing the origami by marking the (bust points) for a guide.


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    The look is sharp tailoring, innovative cutting and experimental pattern making, focusing heavily on construction and digital print quality.

    Arif Khan is still a new emerging designer who is taking his steps slowly as they come.

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