Tearaway PS VITA - 1080P - The Standing Stones - ALL Papercraft Locations!

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    Welcome to my video for Tearaway on the Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA).

    This is a video guide to get 100% / ALL paparercrafts for a level on Tearaway.

    I will be going through each level in separate videos so it is easier for you to follow.

    In these videos I will be showing you how to get the papercrafts, what you have to do and where they are located.

    Collecting the presents and Papercrafts count towards trophies you can get in the game.

    I will also have separate videos for each level showing where to get the red and blue presents as well.

    So this these videos are trophy guide for getting the trophies listed bellow;

    Papercraft Beginner (Bronze Trophy)
    Unlock your first papercraft plan - Papercrafts are objects in the Tearaway world that have lost colour.

    To collect them you must pull your camera out with the TRIANGLE button and take a photo (R SHOULDER button) then you can even print out these papercrafts to put together!

    Papercraft Enthusiast (Silver Trophy)
    Collect 25 papercraft plans

    Papercraft Wizard
    Collect all the papercraft plans in the world - collect ALL papercrafts in ALL levels

    Completist (Gold Trophy)
    100% complete the game - This means you must 100% complete every level.

    Collect ALL papercraft plans, Collect all blue and red presents, defeat ALL scraps and collect ALL confetti on EVERY level of the game.

    I have a COMPLETE Tearaway Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA) let's play / walkthrough / playthrough / gameplay of the game, on my modded PS VITA for direct high quality capture.

    Rendered in 1080P for stunning gameplay footage and high quality sound.

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