REAL Origami Diamond -- NO GLUE! (no music version)

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    [Rather Simple] How to fold an inflatable diamond from a square of paper using real origami locks instead of glue.

    Here's the link for where to buy the pearlized paper I showed in the intro:

    I set out to design this model because I noticed that all other origami diamonds on the internet use glue....

    even the diamond by origami master Satoshi Kamiya.

    I realize a lot of modern origami (insects and other stunning designs) require using sizing (which is a euphemism for glue) but in my origami explorations I still stick to the no-glue aesthetic.

    In addition to being glue-free, the diamond in this tutorial is rather easy to fold, is inflatable and collapsible, it can spin on a table, balance on its edges, transform into a chomping mouth, and it can also be used as a badminton or handminton birdie! (What's Handminton? Here's a demo of people playing it: )

    Extra Extra read all about it!...

    This diamond spins very well on the table like a normal spinning top! No need to blow on it like I did in the video! Just hold it near the top point and spin it between your thumb and middle fingers like an ordinary spinning top.

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