Origami Elephant Instructions

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    How to make Origami Elephant Instructions (Video tutorial)
    This is advanced level origami Elephant tutorial.

    The origami has been made by square piece of paper with size : 21cm X 21cm or 8.267inches X 8.267inches.

    If the Video tutorial is too fast you can change the speed http://snag.gy/zY97e.jpg

    The elephant is often seen as a symbol of strength and wisdom, and is probably one of the most positive animal symbols.

    An elephant figure in your house by the door is said to bring good luck to the household.

    Fold this figure in any color or size and place it by your entrance at home so that you and your family will enjoy good fortune.
    This can also be an excellent gift for a house-warming party, for new neighbors, or for any member of your family and close people.The elephant origami will be a perfect decorative element for your child's birthday party.You can be sure that all the kids will love these adorable hand-made animals.
    The elephant symbol, being positive as it is, can also be used at corporative events, at weddings, or at any other formal or informal event you are planning.

    How to write an Origami Elephant in different languages:
    Arabic: أوريغامي الفيل
    Bulgarian: Оригами слон
    Catalan: Papiroflèxia elefant
    Chinese Simplified: 折纸大象
    Chinese Traditional: 折紙大象
    Czech: Origami slona
    Danish: Origami elefant
    Dutch: Origami olifant
    English: Origami Elephant
    Estonian: Origami elevant
    Finnish: Origami Norsu/Elefantti
    French: Origami éléphant
    German: Origami-Elefant
    Greek: Origami ελέφαντας
    Haitian Creole: Origami elefan
    Hebrew: אוריגמי פיל
    Hmong Daw: Origami ntxhw
    Indonesian: Origami Gajah
    Italian: Origami elefante
    Japanese: 折り紙ゾウ
    Korean: 종이 접기 코끼리
    Latvian: Origami Elephant
    Lithuanian: Origami dramblys
    Malay: Gajah origami
    Maltese: Origami ljunfanti
    Norwegian: Origami elefant
    Persian: اریگامی فیل
    Polish: Origami słoń
    Portuguese: Origami-elefante
    Romanian: Origami elefant
    Russian: Оригами Слон
    Slovak: Origami slona
    Slovenian: Origami slon
    Spanish: Elefante de origami
    Swedish: Origami elefant
    Thai: ช้างพับ
    Turkish: Origami fil
    Ukrainian: Орігамі слона
    Urdu: Origami ہاتھی
    Vietnamese: Origami voi
    Welsh: Eliffant origami

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