Bridgit's Quilling Paper Beads Tree Nr. 01 (Tutorial)

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    This pearl tree is an original creation that has arisen from paper beads, wire and wooden sticks.

    To this idea I came when I held three paper beads together and something like a leaf has arisen.

    With a bit of wire and more paper beads I tried to form a branch.

    Also for the tree trunk I have devised something special even though I did not know whether I would actually succeed.

    On three wooden skewers I have attached the branches and pasted over branches as well as tree trunk with shredded paper and modeled that at the same time to a nice tree bark.

    In an oval casserole dish, I have cast the tree in plaster and left it to harden.

    This plaster base I have embellished with many small details to a small park.

    Although the material costs are very low, put a lot of worked hours is in this small artwork.

    Have fun with the Video


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