Bridgit's Quilling Christmas Door Wreath (Tutorial)

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    In this video I'd like to introduce my Christmas door wreath.

    This time it has become quadrangular, also because my next Archangel should find place into it.

    I decided myself for Archangel Gabriel, as he was the angel who announced to Mary the birth of Christ.

    So it's a Christmas wreath that I will mainly use in the Advent season.

    In this video I show you how I create these quadrangular wreath out of birch branches.

    This wreath is then decorated with many small Christmas balls, different Quilling star which I designed myself and many different tree cones.

    Of all shown stars you can find a video tutorial to make them yourself.

    Simply click on the specified Star No.

    in this video, to go directly to my star video tutorials or below this description, you can find also the direct links.

    Archangel Gabriel is similarly created like Archangel Michael and Raphael.

    Different is his hair that I have made this times longer and had used a crimper to curl it.

    For his dress lower part, I have used this time a Styrofoam cone and created it with various Quilling forms.

    His wings I have created with other Quilling forms and techniques.

    Hi is much bigger and has a height of 26cm and is with his wings 25cm wide.

    From him there this time no video tutorial, but if you are interested to see one then please write me a short message.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a comment.

    Now I hope you enjoy the video.

    Star Child from Asha

    The following stars have been presented in this video:
    Bridgit’s Star Serie No.

    Bridgit’s Star Serie No.

    Bridgit’s Star No.

    Bridgit’s Star Serie No.

    Bridgit’s Star Serie No.

    Bridgit’s Star No.


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