How To Make Carnation Flower From Crepe Paper Craft Tutorial

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    Carnations are very rich with symbolism and mythology.

    Just like roses, each color of carnation has a different meaning.

    For mother day you can pick a bouquet of pink carnations because they express Mother’s Love.

    For the one you had crush you can give him/her light red carnations because they express admiration.

    Dark red carnations meaning deep love and a woman’s affection.

    Red Carnation is the national flower of Spain.

    White carnation means pure love and good luck.

    For St.

    Patrick’s Day you always have to use Green Carnation.

    Well, i think it’s enough for carnation meaning because our topic today is how to make paper flowers easily.
    These paper carnations are perfect for decorating or as gifts.

    The best part is they look so real!


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