Origami Transforming Super Star

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    AKA Transforming Nine-point Exploding Spiky Mohawk Star.

    Special guests: Carnivorous Carrot, Switchblade Bird of Paradise
    OK, Listen up! A lot of people are having trouble getting the star to lock together and stay.

    First when stacking the modules, you have to make sure that the two flaps of each model go into the pocket of the next module (otherwise you'll FAIL!).

    When you swing the point over the top to form the Bird of Paradise, you have to let gravity keep model in that position as you unfold the two flaps and mountain-fold them inside.

    Now, the crucial move...


    Bring together the first and last points making them touch.

    You need to hold them together with one hand as you reach in with the other hand and insert the two flaps into pockets.

    If you are unable to do this with one hand, then use paperclips to hold the two points together, thereby letting you use both hands to insert the flaps into the pockets.

    Hope that helps!
    Finally, to make it explode like I showed at the end of the video, the trick is to open the flaps so the model becomes very 3-D -- not flat! Then throw it up and give it a big whack and it should explode nicely.

    For a more stable star try using 8 sheets instead of 9.

    Background music tracks:

    Jolly Shoemaker (original)

    A Good Day on the African Planes (Doug Maxwell - Media Right Productions - YouTube free audio library)

    Cartoon Hoedown (Media Right Productions - YouTube free audio library)

    Rock that Beat (original)

    Boleruevo (original)

    Rockatonic (original)

    Salsa Simbiotica (original)

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