How to make an Origami Dove for Easter / Peace Day (by Alice Gray) ...for all (33)

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    Origami dove: how to make an origami dove!

    My free Origami (Paper Folding) 1st person video-course!

    Lesson N.

    33 is about Easter, International Day of Peace...

    and about peace, in general! ^_^

    An origami dove can be a nice gift for for to offer and/or ask peace and/or forgiveness to someone!

    ***This model was designed by Alice Gray.
    ***Usage courtesy of OrigamiUSA.


    Easter is an important feast for both Judaism and Christianity; both Holy Bible's Old and New Testament contain many references to doves, including:

    1) the story of Noah and the great flood
    2) the descent of Holy Spirit upon Jesus during His baptism


    International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21, has been established by U.N.

    resolution in 1982.
    Its symbol is the widely known dove with an olive branch in its beak.


    Happy Easter to everybody: may the Resurrection of Jesus Christ fill your heart with joy and hope!

    Happy International Peace Day to everybody: let's spend ourselves, each one and all together, for to build a peaceful world!


    How to make an origami dove for Easter / Peace Day?
    How to make an origami peace dove for Easter / Peace Day?
    Como hacer la figura paloma de la paz de origami?
    Como hacer la figura paloma de la paz de papiroflexia?
    Como hacer la figura paloma de la paz de papel?
    Comment faire une colombe de la paix en papier?
    Como fazer origami de pomba da paz?
    Come fare una colomba della pace origami?
    Come fare una colomba della pace di carta?

    tutorial tutorials instructions
    pliage de papier
    figuras de papel
    Kunst des Papierfaltens
    hacer pajaritas de papel
    Japanse kunst van het papiervouwen
    일본의 예술의 한 양식
    الفن او الطريقه اليابانيه لطي الورق
    אומנות קיפול נייר


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