Origami Wristband / Bracelet Origami Holder

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to fold an ordinary sheet of printer paper into an adjustable wristband that can be worn tightly and securely around your wrist without using tape or glue.

    You can decorate the bracelet by coloring it and/or by sliding flat objects into the pockets and, with just one extra fold, you can lock the objects very securely into place -- no tape or glue! If you use bigger paper you can make ankle bands, neck bands or even head bands! If you don't have bigger paper you can attach several smaller bands together in the same way I showed you how to attach one band to itself.

    Models featured in this video:
    The traditional Flapping Bird: https://youtu.be/wwVlyRMxRMY
    Flapping Butterfly https://youtu.be/TmvWB3SXpnE
    Arrowhead Flicker which I'll upload this Wednesday.
    Thanks to my friend Miy'ala for giving me the idea to design this model.

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