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    With colored paper squares you can make a very beautiful Diwali lantern.

    You will need 9-cm squares, card sheet, glue, scissors and thread.

    First fold the 9-cm square in half.

    Then draw a semi-circle on the paper.

    Cut along the line to get a circular piece.

    We need to cut 20 such circular pieces from various color papers.

    Take a 12-cm wide and 24-cm long card sheet.

    Mark two lines along its long edges.

    Then apply glue on the fold of the semi-circle and stick it between the two lines.

    Stick all 20 semi-circles on the card sheet like this.

    Now glue one edge of the card sheet and fold it to make a cylinder.

    Stick decorative tape for added attraction.

    Take sky blue paper, fold it in half and make a 1-cm line.

    Cut thin parallel strips from the open end to make the tassel.

    Cut only up to line.

    Open the paper and stick the sky blue tassel on the lower end of the lantern.

    Fix color tape for decoration.

    Now the lantern is complete.

    Punch two holes to weave thread to hang the lantern.

    Light an electric bulb in the lantern and then admire the beautiful lantern in the dark night.

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