"Brady's Papercuts" - The Unofficial Jingle!

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Paper Cutting Video Tutorials

    If you listen to CGP Grey and Brady's podcast (www.hellointernet.fm/) you'll know all about Brady's Papercuts!

    Animation by Knut Håland: kittyninjafish.deviantart.com
    More of Knut's work: http://youtu.be/_4v0ftpzqe4
    Music and lyrics by Alan Stewart.

    The sound of a mouse on the radio clicking
    Is as bad as a tap that just won’t stop dripping
    Who would’ve known it could annoy him so much?
    It’s time for Brady’s Papercuts!

    CGP Grey listens on in despair
    As Brady describes his house with his stuff everywhere
    All of the rage that he’s been saving up
    It’s time for Brady’s Papercuts!

    Grey’s remaining calm and serene
    He’s not complaining he’s like a machine
    Unless it comes to weird time zones
    Or the need for land-line phones
    Then you’d better bet he can
    Complain as well as Mr.


    The fact that someone knows when you’ve unfollowed the m on Twitter
    The misuse of “humble” just makes him feel bitter
    You’d better believe it, no ifs or buts
    It’s time for Brady’s (it’s time for Brady’s)
    It’s time for Brady’s (time for Brady’s)
    It’s time for Brady’s Papercuts!

    *** Hello! ***
    If you're wondering why I re-uploaded this, there was a slight error in the original.

    An extra "N" had slipped into Brady's name at one point and needed forcibly removing!

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