Pan Am B747-121 Clipper Victor Papercraft

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Papercrafts

    This model was made to pay respects for the people who died during the Tenerife Disaster.


    A 1:100 B747 Papercraft that I started back in Aug.

    29, 2016 and finished on Oct.

    23, 2016.

    This is currently the biggest model that I have made on my channel and it holds the record of the most time it spent to build it.


    Music 1: Touch by Mattia Cupelli
    Music 2: (空に光る by visual artists.)

    All images and songs belong to their respectful owners and only the papercraft images is what I own.

    NO copyright infringes is intended and everybody should have a good time.

    Dear rare description readers in my channel,

    I thank you so much that you read the descriptions first before commenting about what is the song name or where did I found the template, you people are very rare and precious and I pity those who comments without reading descriptions.

    Unfortunately, the template is kept private and should only be shared to exclusive people, sorry but that is what the recolor artist told me so and I should follow his rules...

    I only fixed some errors on the model but the recolor and the main template does not belong to me.

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