3D origami red Chinese dragon tutorial (instruction)

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    3D origami red Chinese dragon tutorial (instruction)
    This dragon is not out of 800 modules, but also pretty cute

    This video shows step by step assembly red Chinese dragon of the triangular pieces.

    This dragon would be a great decoration for the interior and a wonderful gift.

    You can do this with their hands dragon.

    And as you know, gifts, hand made, highly valued because they are made with love.
    Such also Dragon 3D origami can be used as a festive symbol or totem in Year of the Dragon on the eastern calendar.

    We need:
    110 yellow, 49 black, 475 red and 3 white triangular piece.
    How to make these pieces see the link on the screen or in the description:

    Making the body of a dragon.
    Unpaired row: 3 red.
    Doubles row: red, 2 yellow, red.

    Red attach short side pieces down yellow attach long.

    Making 55 unpaired and 55 of paired of rows (total must be 110)

    Making the top part of the paws:
    2 red,
    3 red,
    2 red,
    1 red

    Making four such blanks

    Making lower part of paws:
    2 red,
    3 red,
    2 red,
    3 red,
    2 red,
    3 red,
    3 red,
    3 black

    Learn how himself to make black paper see the link on the screen or in the description:

    Making four such blanks

    Making the top part of the head:
    4 red,
    5 red,
    4 red,
    3 red,
    4 red

    5 red,
    4 red,
    3 red join short side piece down 2 black (long side)

    2 black (long side) 4 red (short side)

    3 red (long side)

    Of ferrous pieces make the horns: 2 black,

    attach still 2 black

    and 4 black

    Making lower part of the head:
    2 red,
    3 red,
    4 red,
    3 red,
    2 red,
    3 red

    glue the bottom to the upper part

    Making the tail: 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2,
    1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

    Of 6 black pieces make tip of the tail

    glue it

    from ordinary white pieces make 2 small pieces

    needs to be done 6 small white pieces

    Also you need to make 19 little black pieces

    of small white pieces make teeth

    And the eyes (middle piece apply glue)

    glue eyes

    Black paper make mustache

    And attach them

    Glue lower and tops paws

    attach tail

    Forming a zigzag shape.

    And best of all top pour colorless stationery glue.

    Believe me, the nerves
    more expensive :)

    glue dragon's paws

    Making the neck: 3 red, 2 red

    insert spikes: 19 small black pieces

    attach head

    Dragon ready!

    Now you know how to make a red Chinese dragon in a modular origami technique (3D origami).

    If you want to - consider this video master class for the assembly of this dragon.
    See how to make another kind of dragon: http://youtu.be/JIw71uLEa28

    Also you can see how to make others 3D origami:

    And visit my website http://3d_origami.bringingsuccess.ru

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