Origami Pencil Pot Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎ Paper Kawaii

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Quilling Video Tutorials

    Watch this video to learn how to make a super useful origami pencil pot! This double origami box is designed by Marc Vigo & is made from 1 sheet of rectangular paper ♥︎ ⬇ more info ⬇

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    This is such an interesting origami box.

    You can customise the heights of the boxes, meaning you can make one side a lot taller than the other, or make them the same size.


    The bow that is attached to the box in the photo: https://youtu.be/67xXzhqiULI The one in the video: https://youtu.be/CL9M8-psVVE

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