ORIGAMI OLAF! Origami Snowman - Disney FROZEN Paper Crafts Tutorial for Kids-Easy

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    I'll show you how to create a Do-it-Yourself / DIY ORIGAMI OLAF, or paper olaf! This origami Olaf is a origami snowman from Disney's Frozen.

    It's a fun and easy DIY paper crafts tutorial for kids.

    Hope you love this paper snowman as much as I do.


    Origami Design & Tutorial by Jenny W Chan

    Olaf is irresistibly cute, funny, and lovable snowman, and is my favorite character from the movie.

    His endearing smile, carrot nose, imperfect body, and inability to stay in tact are some of the defining features of Olaf's character.

    Don't you just love him??!! :-)

    * 1 3"x3" Square
    * 1 2"x2" Square
    * 3 1.5" Square
    * Writing utensil to draw Olaf's face (I used a black Sharpie)
    * 3 Black imperfect circles (for Olaf's buttons)
    * Twigs, print out of twigs, or a writing utensil to draw them in
    * Glue/tape to assemble his body

    Enjoy the Origami Olaf tutorial! Please share this paper snowman tutorial with all your Olaf / Disney's FROZEN fans!

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