Paper Quilling Card Design: Butterfly Greeting Card Pattern, Simple and Easy Quilling

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    Paper Quilling Card Design, Simple and Easy Quilling Card Ideas.

    Butterfly Quilling Card: Use the wonderful quilling technique to make beautiful paper butterfly card.

    In this DIY Crafting Hours video, you will see how to make quilling butterfly and use it to decorate a birthday cards.

    To make paper quilling butterfly, you need quilling strips of multiple colors, sketch colors, and white crafting sheet.

    You will find detailed instructions demonstrated in this video which will help you to make superb butterfly cards.

    You can use this Quilling butterfly card on many occasions to gift your relatives and friends who will be touched by your gesture for making handmade quilling cards for them, e.g.

    as Birthday Card.

    You will also love to use this as butterfly crafts for kids who will love making these butterfly birthday cards.

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