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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    Make and color a cool origami skull with one square of paper and use it to decorate your house for Halloween! This paper skull is very easy to make.

    It is a little bit in 3D and it can stand, so you can use it as is and put it on your desk or table, or you can use it as the head of a skeleton, or add paper crossbones to make a cool decoration for your next Pirates themed party! You can also decorate or paint your paper skull like a Mexican Calavera for el dia de los muertos.

    To make this skull, you need a square of paper (I used 15x15 cm in the video, about 6x6 inches, but you can easily make smaller skulls) with white on one side, and a darker color on the other side.

    Only a tiny piece of dark will show, so you can also use plain white copy paper, and just color the eyes and teeth at the end.

    Once you have your square piece of paper, you can make your origami skull by following this step-by-step video tutorial.

    This skull is a variation of the first origami model I designed just one year ago, a cute Halloween pumpkin:

    Origami skull model by Stéphane Gigandet.

    Important: this paper skull is an original origami model, protected by copyright.

    Please do not make tutorials, videos, diagrams etc.

    that show how to fold this skull.

    Instead just link or embed this video.

    Thank you.

    At the end of the video I show some pictures of origami Halloween pumpkins that some of you have folded.

    Thanks a lot for folding those models and sending me pictures!

    I also show the origami Halloween pumpkin patch, with the map:

    Please send me photos of your paper pumpkins so that I can add them to the map! And if I get enough photos of origami skulls, I will create an origami graveyard with a map of all the skulls.


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