Jedi Master Yoda Origami - Episode I

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    Download the diagram and follow along with the video! This video gives step-by-step instructions for how to fold Fumiaki Kawahata's Star Wars Yoda.

    Part 1 of 4.

    Not for beginners or those who don't know how to use the force when folding.

    A diagram that follows this video is available for downloading at

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Episode I

    It is a period of paper cuts
    and mountain folds.

    From a
    square piece of paper,
    Fumiaki Kawahata emerged
    to design Jedi Master Yoda.

    In a stunning move, aprentice
    Mari Michaelis made a video
    chronicling the many moves
    needed to recreate the Jedi
    Master Yoda.

    When completed, you can
    impress all in your empire
    with your mastery of origami.
    Try not.

    Do, or do not.

    is no try.

    May the force be....

    Video presented with permission of the artist Fumiaki Kawahata.

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