DNA Origami: folding on the smallest scale

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How do you fold DNA into the shape of a crocodile? Kerstin Göpfrich is a doctoral student at the Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, researching on DNA origami.

    DNA origami is the art of folding DNA into three-dimensional nanoscale structures.

    While smiley faces and various artistic shapes have been created from DNA as proof of principle, the research group of Dr Ulrich Keyser is using DNA origami to build technologies on the smallest scale.

    They have created tiny DNA channels, which could deliver drugs or kill malfunctioning cells.
    Together with film director and editor Axel Bangert, animator Elisabeth Hobbs, origami artist Gabrielle Chan and sound designer James Rogers, Kerstin takes us on a journey through the macroscopic world of paper origami and the microscopic world of folding DNA.

    Researcher: Kerstin Göpfrich
    Department: Cavendish Laboratory
    Film makers: Axel Bangert, Lizzy Hobbs

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