Ninjatoes papercraft butt joint tutorial

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Papercrafts

    This time I made a small video tutorial about "butt jointing" (don't laugh) the parts of a papercraft model together.

    It's a very simple technique again, once you know what "butt jointing" means.

    Basically, instead of glueing one part on top of the other using a regular glue tab, with "butt joints", a seperate strip of paper that you need to glue *underneath* the parts is used as a seperate glue tab, and you just "butt" the edges of the parts together.

    That way, there will be no overlap of the parts, and you won't get a "ridge" with the white edges showing because of the thickness of the paper.

    If you're having trouble understanding the computer voice, you can download the script I used for this video here:

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