Santa Hello Kitty Papercraft

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    colored templates, wait 5 second then click the top right corner basemodel hat and bag and liner

    This model is base on another traditional hello kitty papercraft, I just add a little touch.

    New to doing this so my head was almost everywhere.

    The video was speeded up 5 times, but should slow enough to use for instruction.

    It took me two and half hours to finish this, but again I was watching Family guy while doing this so.

    Even though it looks easy, u may have to do one on black and white for practice first

    the song is come from go there for song list and full song

    01:35 making the body
    06:03 making the leg
    11:28 making the head
    18:18 making the ear
    19:34 making the arm, use color to determine the location, one is crooked for
    the bag added later
    21:54 making the hat, only the white base is glued to the head, the red part is tucked in,
    replace the top with cotton ball if u want.
    27:53 making bag, one side is empty to fit easily to the rest

    used tacky glue since it less watery and bind quicker than regular glue and recycle paper.

    If u shop at acmoore or michaels for tool, remember to use 40 to 50% off coupon

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

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