Bridgit's Quilling Star Series No. 16 (Tutorial)

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    Dieses VIDEO ist auch in DEUTSCH zu sehen:

    Star Series No.

    16 are Star-Flowers.

    The flower is in the center of the star and the leaves around are forming it to a star.

    In my video "Bridget's Star Series no.

    it was about stars that where made with Ring Coils.

    I showed, among other stars also the star no.

    15-16 which belongs to these Star Series No.


    Therefore it is advantageous to look at both videos, because they complement each other.

    A Detailed tutorial how the star no.

    15-16 is made, you can find in my Video “Bridgit’s Star Series No.


    Although it is always the same star pattern, I show in this video how to make the star in different variations and sizes.

    In this video there are again 8 stars in different sizes for making yourself.

    Immediately it is new, that you can download a PDF-Template from each star.

    On the template you can find information as required material, Quilling shapes and sizes as well as a picture of the star in the original size to use at the same time as a template for doing the star.

    The link to the PDF-template you can find below these video description.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a comment.

    Now I hope you enjoy the video.

    Excalibur Returned from Llewellyn

    ENGLISH: PDF Template for Star No.


    DEUTSCH: PDF Vorlage für Stern Nr.



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