Pokemon Papercraft ~ Mega Gengar

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    When Gengar mega evolves a part of its body sinks into the body.

    It gets a reddish purple color on the lower portions and a third eye appears on the forehead, which is yellow and allows it to see into other dimensions.

    NOTES: Start the model at the spikes at the top of the forehead.

    Make sure to add the detail at the forehead and the spikes when the numbers get to them.

    The spikes are repetitive, but easy to build.

    I also added some reference pictures on the download pack to help glue them on the right place.

    Close the model at the bottom of the body.

    The hands are the hard part of the model, take your time with them, follow the numbers and the instructions and you'll be fine.

    Start them at the middle and build the spikes around it, there are some colored tabs and suggested fold lines on the .pdo to help.

    Close them at the bottom and glue to the arms.

    Further instructions added on the template.

    Papercraft FAQ ▶ http://goo.gl/ajdQoq

    Template Designer ▶ Luisferrari

    Papercraft of the week ▶ Rememberingchildhood

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    Free Download ▶ http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net/2015/10/mega-gengar-happy-halloween.html

    Pepakura Viewer is required!

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