Bridgits Quilling Fir branches (with NEW Quilling Zigzag Technique - Video 2)

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    In my video "Bridgits Quilling Fir branches" I present you different fir branches.

    These branches are created by a new Quilling technique which I call zigzag technique.

    There are two different zigzag technique methods.

    One arises from Quilling Spiral shapes and the other by the comb techniques.

    By both variants arises different folding pattern.

    In this video I introduce a certain fold pattern, namely the Zig-Zag Spiral "Rectangle", when you open these shapes and fold it again together in zigzag and glue two of this Zigzag strips on a middle strip, you can create different fir branches.

    Or if you create them colourful you can make nice feathers.

    Specifically, I am working in this video with ring spirals which I make with round dowels; alternatively you can also use a Quilling comb, but this I will show you in my next video “Bridgit’s Quilling Feathers”

    Below you will find a link to a PDF file for download, there you will find many Quilling fir branches in original size, which is to serve you as a help, if you would like to make some.

    By this way you can easily identify which branch would be suitable for your Quilling project and at the same time you have all required materials and masses.

    This new Quilling zigzag technique I present in various applications and in 5 different videos.

    Below you will find all 5 video and also how and for what you can use this zigzag technique.

    Just look in, it's definitely worth it.


    Video - Quilling Autumn Flower Bouquet (Introduction to zigzag spiral technique)


    Video - Quilling Fir branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique)


    Video - Quilling Scots pine branches (zigzag comb technique - Part 1)


    Video - Quilling Feathers (zigzag comb technique - Part 2)


    Video - Quilling Thuja branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique crimped stripes)

    If you have any questions, feel free to write me a comment.
    Now I wish you much fun with the video.


    Icicles from Christopher Ashmore,

    Christmas Joy from Chronos,

    As I Wander (Inst.) from Heavy Hitters and Ric Flauding,

    All I want for Christmas is you from Blue Project

    ENGLISH: PDF Fir branches:

    DEUTSCH: PDF Tannenzweige:


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