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    This is the very famous CAPTAIN’S HAT STORY told while folding a newspaper.

    Take a doubled up newspaper.

    Fold its roof and then fold-up the top bottom strip.

    Reverse the paper and then fold the other strip too.

    With this the captain makes a huge UMBRELLA CAP.

    It protects him from the scorching sun and the rain.

    At night when the passengers sleep the captain opens the cap squashes and lifts it up to make the FIREMAN’S CAP.

    This designer cap protects the spinal cord of the firemen.

    On the second night the captain takes the same cap and gives it another fold to make the SHIKARI CAP.

    On the third night the captain squashes the old cap and folds both sides to make a triangular cap the very famous POLICE CAP.

    All policemen in Indian films wear this cap which is popularly called the PANDU CAP.
    If you pull out the two ends of this cap you make the CAPTAIN’S SHIP.

    Now all the passengers were enjoying the journey.

    Suddenly, there came a huge storm.

    Huge waves hit the left and right sides of the ship and knock it down.

    Another huge wave knocks out the bridge of the ship.

    The ship breaks into pieces and sinks.

    And all that remains for the Captain is a LIFE JACKET.

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    Credits:,Ashok Rupner, Shivaji Mane, Jyoti Hiremath, Arvind Gupta, Vidula Mhaiskar

    Dubbed in Urdu by Ishrat Shaik from Pratham's Science Learning Program

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