Bridgits Quilling Autumn Flower Bouquet (with NEW Quilling Technique - Video 1)

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    In my video "Bridgits Quilling Autumn Flower Bouquet" I present you my Autumn Flower Bouquet.

    The picture Autumn flower bouquet is a new idea of flower fantasies in combination with real flowers such as the sunflower or the roses.

    The beautiful roses are a creation of Ayani Art
    Thanks for the great video and the wonderful inspirations.
    Link to the Video:

    The flower fantasies are created by a new Quilling technique which I call zigzag technique.

    There are two different zigzag technique methods.

    One arises from Quilling Spiral shapes and the other by the comb techniques.

    By both variants arises different folding pattern.

    When you open these shapes and fold it again together in zigzag and glue it in different ways, you can create new Quilling forms.

    In this video I present these new technique and Quilling Shapes and at the same time I present also my new flower fantasies.

    The following techniques will be introduced:

    - Zigzag spiral "Teardrop"
    - Zigzag spiral "Marquise"
    - Zigzag spiral "Square"
    - Zigzag spiral "Rectangle"

    as well as a small introduction to the zigzag comb technique.

    This new Quilling zigzag technique I present in various applications and in 5 different videos.

    Below you will find all 5 video and also how and for what you can use this zigzag technique.

    Just look in, it's definitely worth it.


    Video - Quilling Autumn Flower Bouquet (Introduction to zigzag spiral technique)


    Video - Quilling Fir branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique)


    Video - Quilling Scots pine branches (zigzag comb technique - Part 1)


    Video - Quilling Feathers (zigzag comb technique - Part 2)


    Video - Quilling Thuja branches (zigzag spiral "square" technique crimped stripes)

    If you have any questions, feel free to write me a comment.
    Now I wish you much fun with the video.


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    Lagoon Nebula from Medwyn Goodall

    ENGLISH: PDF Autumn Flower Bouquet:

    DEUTSCH: PDF Herbstblumenstrauss:


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