Bridgit's Quilling Star Series No. 15 (Tutorial)

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    In my video "Quilling Star Series no.

    15," I want to show you the Quilling Ring technique.

    With new star creations but also old star patterns I present a few examples of this Quilling Ring technique.

    To make different Quilling Ring sizes or Ring shapes, you can find special Quilling tools that are known under the name Border Buddy.

    Here in Switzerland I could, unfortunately not find or buy any Border Buddy's.

    So I had to improvise somehow and where looking for an alternative.

    And soon I have discovered in a DIY store different sizes of Round Dowels.

    I tried to use it to make some Ring Coils and was very happy as it worked.

    The Round Dowel are not only good in the hand, they generate some friction so that the strips can be well rolled with it.

    Another advantage is that the Ring inner diameter has the same size like the circle template, so it is easy to decorate the Ring Coils with different Quilling shapes.

    In this video there are again 4 stars for making yourself.

    Immediately it is new, that you can download a PDF-Template from each star.

    On the template you can find information as required material, Quilling shapes and sizes as well as a picture of the star in the original size to use at the same time as a template for doing the star.

    The link to the PDF-template you can find below these video description.

    As in all of my videos you will find also here a background music played.

    I was surprised when I discovered the song of Brian Carter, because it was a perfect fit for this video.

    The music "The Healing Circle" fit’s exactly to the subject "Rings", the time duration of the music corresponds exactly to the duration of the video, but most of all I was pleased with the gentle and soothing background music which invites to watch this video.

    Now I hope you enjoy the video.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a comment.

    The Healing Circle from Brian Carter

    ENGLISH: PDF Template for Star No.


    DEUTSCH: PDF Vorlage für Stern Nr.



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