Origami Spooky Hand Deluxe

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to fold a Spooky Hand with wrist.

    Fold many of them in different colors and it can be a Spooky Hand Bouquet for Halloween! Or you can give them out to your classmates as Halloween favors.

    It can also be used as a spooky tree in an origami graveyard scene...

    Make sure to include tombstones: https://youtu.be/-LZxJjZapic and caskets https://youtu.be/-ngd6SEW4p4

    Here are the two other spooky hand designs that I uploaded in the past:
    Spooky Hand Skeleton: https://youtu.be/44278t09BpM
    Not So Spooky Hand: https://youtu.be/kEjoAP2kz3Y

    Those two are without a wrist.

    The idea to fold this Spooky Hand Deluxe with wrist was given to me from a facebook comment by Curtis Hanninen that I was tagged in.

    He spoke of using a similar technique as my Not So Spooky Hand to fold a hand with wrist model.

    So this was my attempt to do that.

    I have no idea how close my attempt is to the one he designed since there was no picture attached but in either case he was instrumental in this design.

    Here's Curtis Hanninen's comment in its entirety:

    "I was thinking about the folding sequence for hands.

    The most common are, 8 pleats then reverse fold X amount of times.

    Or if the hand/foot is in the centre of the paper it's 8 pleats, dent, sink the corners and done.

    Why have we never tried to move out of this? There has been some attempts with good results but in the end it's the same old faithful way for the most part.

    If we where to look at the different model hands there are some are very exceptional ones and even workable into design efforts.

    Jeremy Shafer's "not so spooky hand" is one of them.

    Earlier this week I was able to fold an arm with the not so spooky hand on the end of it and I have to say, it's finished look is awesome.

    Why haven't people adopted such methods in there designing? The not so spooky hand is easier and faster to fold and looks way better.

    With the addition of an arm the hand even has a palm and a wrist is easy to add.

    The arm is attached to the fore and middle fingers but is easy to work into the arm.

    There are some limitations like it can only be folded along an edge or corner, if there is a way to produce it in the middle of the paper then I'm unsure how but to be fair I haven't tried yet either.

    Just my thoughts on why we're not evolving this ever evolving art."

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