Origami Rat (Eric Joisel) Tutorials for folding and shaping

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    Hey crazy folders! :P
    So here is the next bigger project.

    I wanted to make shaping tutorials but many peoples said I should make a tutorial for the base too.

    So I decided to make 4 videos.

    This is the first one with all informations and the tutorial for the base.

    In the next days I'll upload the shaping tutorials for tissue foil, biotope paper and MC glue and for wet folded elephant hide.

    Please be patient it takes time :)
    It would be really great if there are more folders who fold Eric Joisels works more precice and not in hurry!

    Eric Joisel website: http://www.ericjoisel.com/

    self made tissue foil:

    biotope paper:

    elephant hide:

    my website:

    like my facebook page to be the first who know all news:

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