Valentine's Day Handmade Origami Card *Message of love can't be delivered sweeter than this!*

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    Valentine's Day is here again! It's a day to release our inner cupid to deliver a sweet message to our loved ones, without blushing! Why not create a handmade card to show how much you care about him/her? This will make your Valentine's Day even more special and memorable.


    • The paper used in the video (Landscape) = 15" (width) x 10" (height)
    • The ratio of the paper = 3 : 2
    • Corner squares = 2.5" x 2.5"
    • The ratio of the squares = 1/6 of the width or 1/4 of the height

    If you are using A4 paper (29.7cm x 21cm) and apply above 3 : 2 ratio, 28.5cm x 19cm (3 : 2 of 9.5cm) will be one of the easiest and largest size.

    The squares for this size will be 4.75cm x 4.75cm (1/6 of 28.5cm or 1/4 of 19cm)

    For U.S.

    letter size paper (11" x 8.5" ), 10.5" x 7" with 1.75" squares will be the easiest and largest to measure.

    The same rule applies to any size paper you are using.

    Just remember your ratios are 3 : 2 for the original paper and 1/6 of longer side (or 1/4 of shorter side) of the paper for squares.


    Materials: Card Stock, Decorative Paper, Ribbon (1 Wide / 1 Thin)
    Tools: Ruler, Scissors, Clear Tape, Craft Knife, Pen / Pencil, Cutting Board, Double Sided Tape

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